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Item Relisted! FS Walther GSP Expert .32 S&W Long Wadcutter Competition


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Dec 26, 2019
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NE Atlanta Metro
Walther GSP Expert, 32.S&W Long wadcutter, Med sized grip with palm rest adjustability, 4 mags (usually comes with 2), add-on scope mount from Champion's Choice, tools, case, manual, shell catcher, etc. This is a superbly accurate gun as you can see from the target in one of the pictures - single ragged hole at 25m. These are commonly used in ISSF 25 meter center-fire pistol competition. I would say 97-98% condition. My dad bought this lightly used, and I have shot a few hundred rounds through it. Important to note is that these will only shoot the wadcutter ammo. You can find it online, but it is not very common. Honestly not very practical if you are not competing, but certainly a neat toy to play with!
Price includes 50 rounds of Lapua factory ammo, 138 rounds of my reloads and a bit of fired brass. Best price I have seen for a new one on Gun Broker is $2100 with 2 mags, but typically they go for closer to $2400. Asking $1700.

I also have dies, lots of brass, a few hundred bullets, and could toss in some primers and powder perhaps. If you are interested in that I will catalog exactly what I have and work up a price. I will not sell any of this without the gun, unless the buyer of the gun does not want the reloading supplies.


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