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Item Relisted! FS Woodland Green rubber grip tape overlay for Glock pistols


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Apr 20, 2014
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Athens, GA 30607
One custom made Woodland Green rubber grip tape overlay for various Glock pistol models. The material is made of a soft rubber compound, which is a bit tacky feeling, but not to the point clothing will snag on it and cause issues with printing. I installed one on my Glock 48, and really like it. The material does very well when shooting with wet, sweaty hands, like we've been seeing a lot of lately. I'm offering these for $16 shipped with tracking, or $12 picked up locally. The grips are self adhesive and install like a decal. Just clean the gun with soap and water, dry with a hair dryer, peel the paper backing off, and stick them to the pistol. I have a very limited amount of this material, so the grips will not be added to the Tractiongrips site.
Here's a list of models we can make them for:
43X, 48
19 Gen4, 23 Gen4
17 Gen4, 22 Gen4
26 Gen4, 27 Gen4
19 Gen5 (non MOS)
17 Gen5, 22 Gen5, 19X, 47
26 Gen5
30 Gen4
I'm in the Athens, Jackson County area. Due to fuel costs, I won't be able to drive very far to meet. If more than one grip is needed, I can combine shipping to save cost.


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