Item Relisted! FT 1954 Russian Tula SKS With Synthetic and Wood Stocks/Extra Mags/Bayonet


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Mar 24, 2014
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Decided to go through and list a couple of my guns that I just don't/haven't/probably won't ever use. I got this in a trade a while back, and SKS's are just not my thing. I prefer AR platforms, AK's, and more distance shooting options. While the gun overall appears to need a cleaning (I have never shot it), compared to others I have owned and seen, the gun is overall a pretty clean import. The wood stock is beautiful considering many are beat up to no end. The numbers match, even the stock, although I would venture to say the trigger guard is a "forced match" because it appears like that area has been sanded/filed (I am no expert in this area). The rest of the numbers appear to be the original stamps.

Comes with bayonet, cleaning rod and cleaning kit in the buttstock, 3 x additional metal 30 round magazines, original magazine, original wood stock, a bag of tulammo (steel case), Flambeau hard case, and the ATI Strikeforce Synthetic folding stock with cheek riser and pistol grip already installed.

At this time, I am mostly seeing what is out there in terms of trades. I don't really like diminishing my collection without restocking it. I know values go up and down, I based mine off of recent sales prices of similar finds through truegunvalue since I have not been in the market to buy or sell the past few years.

I'm located in Auburn GA near Dacula/Gwinnett area.


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Feb 27, 2014
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Nice Izhevsk, not Tula.
Izhevsk only made them 2 years, 1953 & 1954 :thumb::bump:
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