Item Relisted! FT 1985 m35a2 deuce & a half trades only what do you got???


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Jul 30, 2012
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Run great drives great all rubber is road worthy comes with the trailer and also I have 6 very hard to find M35A3 which means you can super single the truckand make it look even more badass.

Has 16k miles on it powered by a white multi fuel engine spinning a 5 speed manual Trans with shift on the fly 2 speed transfer case whoch can send power to all 10 wheels . Also has an air locker front end so driving on pavement you can actually steer the truck.Also is a hardtop truck with a 12ft bed with fold down sides turning it into a flat bed truck. This was an airforce so it was on tarmac in the sun most if not all its life.

I will trade for a barret semi auto 50bmg with ammo and optic.

So m35a2 with tarp matching trailer with tarp and 6 m35a3 wheel to super single it for $13,000.00 (just the m35a3 wheel are worth $2500.00 plus. And that's if you can even find them trailer is worth another easy $1500)

I am willing to trade for gun related things I really into milsurp rifle. Would also trade for unique vehicles that are street legal and road worthy. Or trade for other off road vehicles.
Or Trade for ?????
Registered/insured in ga sold with bill of sale because it's 1985 I have no title the state will not issue for a vehicle this old.
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