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Jakes are


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Jul 10, 2012
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Villa Rica-you know where that is??
I had one gobbling like a big boy 2 Saturday’s ago. He was coming up out of a steep draw gobbling like a boss. As soon as he stuck his head out on the rd I busted his arse. Ran up to him to see it was a Jake. It was the 1st Jake I shot in a long, long time. I was disappointed for about as long as it took for him to stop kicking. It didn’t take long to think about smoked turkey breasts on the Traeger.
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Yeah man! I had a similar scenario like that on Paulding Forest 2 years ago. I finally connected with one after repositioning. That big-headed joker peeked up over a log and I knew it was the boss. Rolled his butt and when I got up to him, it was a Jake.
He fed my family well.


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Dec 12, 2011
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North Ga
I have noticed especially in middle ga South not so much here in mountains I over years I have called several Jakes in these areas mentioned Minus the Mtns that would gobble strut like mature Tom only way tell was by feathers in Fan. I called up killed one this Jake gobblers here in my area couple seasons go came in gobbling strutting thru Iveys I rolled him got to him one these 1/2 grown gobblers . My theory they more likely act this way when no mature gobblers around .
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