Just a little FYI for all the Cerakoters, Engravers, and Basement Gunsmiths


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May 19, 2010
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There's a difference between me asking for an IP address and an agency making a formal request
but the common link is a rat bastard starting the ball rolling. Somebody wanted you to suffer and used the comment made here. Somebody want the guy to suffer and used the info he posted here about the lowers. same same. somebody gotta be up in somebody elses business to make em feel impotent


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Dec 13, 2010
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Gwinnett, County GA
Get your FFL. It's not difficult and it's like $100 a year to get an 01 (gunsmith). I don't know why so many folks just decide they don't need one to engage in the business.
It does come with a list of obstacles such as;
Credit card processors won't deal with you
Banks won't open new accounts for you
Some places won't lease to you
HOA won't let you have one etc
or You can't get one issued because you are home based
Plus you have to deal with the fed from 3 sides
and pay extra taxes
The list goes on and on
I don't know whatever reason.

I'm not talking about anyone particular or singling anyone out. I don't even have anyone in mind. If you think I'm talking about you then think of it like church and fix yourself.
I have just seen it so many times over the years. Best of luck to you and I ain't the popo, but they do exist.

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' can you shoot the link to that I can't see it on my phone
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