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Just seen their has not been a thread in a while.

Still got your teeth?

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Marietta tony

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Dec 8, 2015
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**** what do you saY about a legend. I first used Dr Smiles after not having a dentist visit is several years. The probe says it all. Chris said the ones he thought he could save and how long I could keep the others. He was right. Lost two and kept the others after 2 deep cleanings. I am flossing now.
I believe in his abilities so much and 3 out of 4 members of my family see him. My wifes best friend since elementary school has been in the business for 30 years but 2 months ago she got to meet Dr Smiles. Chemo induced neuropathy or lack of sleep, she face planted and chipped a tooth . I texted Chris and he said to be there Monday morning at 8. He looked at her and said "at least let me get the asphalt out of them. Then GET THE BONDING AGENT I CAN FIX THEM IN 3 MINUTES. I can not share the bill but if was minimal with the ODT discount.

I cant say enough, ooh yea my daughters TMJ is also better. Yea if you are within 5 hours come see him. There has been 2 times I have been there that I have not seen/met another ODT member.
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