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I was a little surprised at how busy it was and I got there a little late around 3:30pm. It really felt like a Saturday kind of crowd. Parking was pretty tight I thought even that late in the day. I'm betting tomorrow will be pretty crazy.
If you want to park anywhere near close you better come early. Even us vendors that have to be there early are having a time finding anything close (makes a diff when you are transporting more than a few knives).
My scores. New combat troodon interceptor, TRB from Bober Blades and the new CC re-release SnG from strider. Was an awesome show


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Crowds were heavy all three days right up to around 1:00 yesterday. Was a really good show for several of us, but not so good for some. Crowds are different every year as to what they want to spend money on. Fortunately, I seem to have what they want most of the time.
Had some great reunions with some of my old friends from back in the Louisville, KY Guild show days when I first juried in to The Knifemakers' Guild (international), which was very much a bonus for me. Rest of time too busy to get very far from my table this weekend (not really complaining).
Seemed like a different show vibe from previous years. Maybe I'm personifying my own choices but felt like either the vendors had more stock or the craziness/rabidness of the initial entry has died down a smidge - or both.

I almost picked up a Chaves OTF. Trying to be more frugal at the moment so didn't and will probably pick one up later. My Chaves chubb flipper has been a workhorse for years.

I did pick up the Heretic show special since Microtech didn't have one. I've picked up a show special every year for a long time and disappointing Microtech didn't have one this year. The alternative specials at eknives and smkw were 'ok' but not the same.

I'll definitely be grabbing a Microtech Interceptor blade in the near future. The new firing mechanisms are so nice and that blade is awesome. Hoping to see the zero blade play system in more models.

That Strider XL is sick. Looking for a SMF Tanto stormtrooper and/or an XL in the near future.
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