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Lee APP press?


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Jun 27, 2010
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Anyone running the new Lee APP press? Looks like it's a good candidate for depriming, swaging primer pockets, sizing cast bullets with powder coating, and a few other basic brass processing functions... (forgot about the brass bulge buster thing too)

I have one with a few hours on it so far. Me being me, I measure and re-measure everything, every step, so I do like the ability to up the production speed of each phase without having to guess about the integrity of a turret style press. Requires a good bit of tweaking to get it right but no re-tweaking once your set. NOE makes good addons for it, also.

Note: Much to the chagrin of the elitists, YouTube is a valuable resource on these.
Absolutely love it. I have used it so far for resizing/depriming and swaging (primer pockets) .223 brass. Debulging 10mm and 40 S&W brass. And have the setup for sizing cast boolits, but haven't used it for that yet. Greatly speeds up processing brass over a single stage. Seems like I timed it and I average 20 cases per minute roughly. It does take some tweaking to get the slide adjusted correctly and now and again it hangs and then releases and launches a piece of brass across the room, but doesn't hurt anything.

sounds like I need to get one on order. Any accessories or tweaks to get? I'll watch some youtube videos and see what folks say. I did see some 3d printed accessories (I have a printer) that might make it run smoother.

I have not had a reloading room setup for 2-3 years now and just about done with the new room, so time to process a lot of brass and get back in the game.
so just starting to use this thing. for the money it's the best thing I've bought recently for reloading.

I bought the deprime kit, IMHO don't waste your money. Just use a standard Lee Universal Deprime die. I bent the included rod a couple of times and then it broke. Switched to the standard die and just deprimed about 2k 223/556 brass to tumble with no issues. Two big thumbs up.

If you have a 3d printer or a friend with one, print the V2 case feeder setup, makes adjustments no needed any more, and fills 4 tubes in about 20 seconds. All for about $5 worth of filament (and some time).

Will get into the primer pocket swaging over the weekend and ordered the sizing dies for cast bullets for future use.
The 3d printed stuff helps a lot.


Really liking the press for brass prep. The 3d printed stuff really takes it to another level.

Deprimed and swager probably 3k 223 and 2k 45 so far.

I had to buy a few longer bolts and bearings to run the roller handle, if anyone on the north side of ATL needs one I can make a couple more for cheap.


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