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Let's talk Mechanical Broadheads

I used rage for two years and have killed deer with them but after not making a clean kill on a 10 point I had a 100% perfect shot on I drew the line and switched to Muzzy Trocar 100 gr. So now I don't have to sweat it thinking about if my broadhead is gonna deploy in flight or not deploy on impact and lock in as it should. Fixed blades are simple and do alot of damage if you have good shot placement.

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I've tried rage and made good kills with them but had a couple failures to deploy so I went to shwackers and have had 100% success with them plus I love the positive "whack" noise when the shwacker hits it's mark.
Massive wound channels.

I've also had good luck with spitfires and muzzys.
Swhackers! They are the only mechanicals i could keep from deploying in flight. My bow shoots very fast and it was a pain in the ass testing broadheads for a reliable one. Swhackers shoot like field points & make a giant exit hole
I used rage 3 blade last year and so did my wife's uncle who I hunt with. He shot a doe right through the heart and lungs, could barely find blood, I had a gut/partial lung shot on one last year and it took 3 days to recover it. The wound channel just wasn't what I would've thought it would be. Going to 2 blade rage or shwacker this year.
Rage 2 blade


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