Looking For A Hunting Club (North West GA.)


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Jun 21, 2012
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Ok Ladies & Gentlemen,

Myself, my son and daughter (both are minors) are looking for a good and established hunting club to join. We have been a part of a hunting club in years past but due to work, medical and life we had to Respectively decline a few years back not to join the club again but with plenty of notice. It was a nice club with camping areas, shooting range and etc… close to Waleska/Jasper Georgia but when we went to join the club again a few years later we heard that the lease holder had passed and the club was no more after he held the lease around 10 years. It was logging land that was well managed at the time.

I’m a avid outdoor sportsman and I have been teaching the same quality’s to my 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter.

***Long story short I’m looking for a family friendly club for myself and kids to hunt. We practice game management with all hunts we do. I know it’s kinda late in the season but this is something that I’m looking for long term to be a member of for years to come. We have no problem helping manage the land on Club Work Days and helping manage food plots.

If anyone has a recommendation for us then please send me a message! Thanks again Ladies & Gentlemen.
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