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Looking for implant recommendations

At 67 my teeth are finally failing me . I think it’s time to look into alternatives. Really don’t think I want dentures any suggestions on implants or other options?
The title of your post scared me. I thought you were talking about a set of 38 Ds. My best friend got his teeth implants in Costa Rica at a fraction.of what it would cost in the US even after travel and hotel expenses.
Mexico is a good option. Cancun is good. If you don’t have a passport. Fly to Tucson and drive to Nogales AZ, and park at McDonalds ( 5 or 10 dollars a day) and walk across. No passport required.

An important thing to know about implants! Get the teeth pulled and wait no more than 6 months to have the implant. you’ll need to wait 6 months for the bone to regrow and have something for the implant to be implanted into.

After 6 months the body starts to make that bone go away. After 6 months they have to install necroptic bone for the implant to attach to.

(Yeah nobody told me)
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