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Jun 2, 2013
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Can we please require a location? They help us with unnecessary communication with people we just really don't want to do business with. If someone doesn't want to leave their location, they should travel to anyone who wants to buy their wares. There seems to be a rash of it lately, and I, for one, would vote to make it mandatory to leave a location if they want to post an ad. And what is the deal with the fake ads this weekend? Selling, but I will only talk to you about shipping. And the ad that is on there for a $10000.00 handgun....give me a break, there is no handgun worth that much money, and if that is a joke, that joke just isn't funny. What is happening to our site? I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED!


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May 30, 2014
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Alpharetta, GA
I vote "no" to any automated system that assigns a poster a buy-sell-trade location based on the city or area they gave on their profile when registering.
Instead, make it a mandatory field that they name the nearest official city or town to them.
If they want to be more specific, because they live in the boondocks 20 miles from the nearest down, that's up to them to address (or not) with lines of text in the body of their ad.

But I think having a city would be important. It's easy to look up a city's location on a map, in paper, or online.

P.S. The "city" might change based on what's being sold. Some things I may leave at home and tell potential buyers to meet me at home or very close to my home. Other things I could put in my vehicle and take to and from work daily, and maybe I'd prefer to meet folks at or near my work.

On some occasions, I may place an ad on behalf of a friend who is selling something big and heavy, and my "location" on that ad may be the town where my friend lives, or where the piece of lawn care equipment is that he's selling.
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