Mask still? I'm not sure I want these retards working on my heart.


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Jun 27, 2020
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Atlanta GA
AND... He was double vaxxed and double boosted. So if none of that **** they injected into his body did a damn thing to prevent Covid what exactly did it do?

Hey all. I’m a medical assistant now working for a vaccination company who serves the community, school system and jail/prison systems. Just wanted to shed some light as I’ve seen a lot of miss information spread by people as well as doctors,nurses etc who might not be “trained” on the various vaccines.

Masks are pretty useless lmao. But any added security taken to hopefully catch germs before they can enter or exit your body is a plus. The KN95 masks are great for this for those wanting to wear them. Honestly I’ve seen everything from the KN95 to a mask made out of writing paper be “admissible”. Masks won’t PREVENT but will help in mitigating the potential spread to a certain degree.

Vaccines are a whole story within itself. I won’t get into the specifications of each vaccine but just overall these also won’t “prevent” which so many medical officials have been preaching. They probably aren’t educated/properly informed well enough on the vaccines and are only told to administer them or haven’t done their research. Some just might be using poor wording. There are a few who take it upon themselves to “study up”. Vaccines will not prevent. You can have all your doses and still contract covid but it will make the case extremely mild and prevent the individual from dying from the sickness, this of course is dependent on the health of individual in question.

I have my qualms with the CDC and how the vaccine is structured in the community: it being mandatory, not enough information, the system they use to document it via GRITS/CDC vaccination cards etc.

Have I taken my shots? Yes. Did I catch covid? It kicked my ass. Was it milder than the other cases I’ve seen? Hell yea.

I’ll always try to inform anyone whose “interested” because that **** is scary. A new vaccine with no viable information? Mandatory? I’ve never pressured anyone into taking it, lied about what it does etc. but the more people know the better they can make a choice about it. Sorry for the long rant!


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Jun 28, 2010
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Ridiculous. Even the CDC said it does nothing. Kabuki theater.

Oh they do something. They enable that medical provider to bill Medicare and Medicare. Uncle sugar says if you want us to pay you for the services we forced you to provide , you gotta follow their rules.

Government money is never without strings.
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