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Movies so bad you can't believe it could get worse....so you continue watching....


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Jul 1, 2010
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Macon, Georgia
Normally I'd immediately NIX the idea of watching ANY movie with Bruce Willis in it, at all, even for a minute.....

But, I thought I'd give the Amazon recommended movie "Breach" a try. LOL! I can't believe how bad every single aspect of this movie is, from plot, sets design, acting, dialog, camera work, special effects, etc., you name it. It's just incredibly bad. Even the janky ghetto flame/acid throwers they made up show the ROVE water bottle logo on the bottom.

Bruce Willis must need money something fierce.

I thought "Battle of the Last Panzer" or "Alice's Restaurant" were the worst movies I'd had the misfortune to watch, but this one is at least contender for 2nd. Anyone else keep watching a bad movie to see just how bad it can get?
Chris Elliott, automatic pass.
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