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Need recommendation for company to clean dryer vent

They did ours...excellent.
Replaced the outside defective louver vent door too.

I feel your pain. My house was built with no exterior dryer vent as far as I can tell. I upsized to 30 ft of 6' flex tubing and converted a crawl space vent for discharge. The flex slowly fills up with lint in the folds until it finally reduces air flow, The yard blower creates a hole in the middle but leaves a lot. I open the tube in the middle and scoop most of the lint out and use the blower on the rest. I can't use the power brush as it would destroy the flex tube. GL
I bought a kit off amazon that attaches to a drill and has a duct "cap" that attaches to a shop vac or house vac to either push or pull depending on how you set up the vacuum. My vent runs about 40' across the whole crawlspace with multiple bends.
I just unhook from dryer and take a yard blower and blow it out.mine vents outside I don’t worry about the debris.
We tackled this job recently.
Bought a brush kit that connects to a power drill to clean out the vent.
This worked in the straight sections, but could not get it past the elbows.
Connected a gas leafblower on the inside with a towel and some duct tape and removed the outside guard.
The pressure from the leaf blower ejected a huge amount of lint.
The cloths now dry in one dry cycle instead of 2 or 3.
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