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Need some help with pricing


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Apr 26, 2011
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I have a family member that is wanting to sell their tractor to me. They dont know how much to ask and I dont know how much to pay. I have called a couple dealers and been given no specific answers.

It is a 1995 Ford 1920 4x4 with FEL. Has 167 hours. Been garage kept for the most part. Has some dry rot on the tires and hoses. Everything seems to work.
Overall, a clean tractor.

Any idea on pricing ?
others on here may know more but given no piks, the low hours, and with fel I would venture 9-12k if as nice as a stored indoor tractor can be. I put new goodyear tires all way around on my 78 ford 2600 and was 1500$. sold the tractor for 4K(600 hours, no 4x4 no fel but in excellent shape) Hoses can add up, and if they are bad then fluids need changing all around. If you pay someone to change tires and service that adds up quick.
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