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New addition to Shaw Armament Systems

Shaw Armament

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Nov 22, 2021
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Powder Springs, GA
We are excited to announce a new addition to our business. WWW.Thundercans.com

We offer a wide variety of suppressors, integrals, and bolt action integrals. We invite every one to come see us as our showroom changes over to a very extravagant showroom for the product that we have to offer. We will also be doing the manufacturing in our warehouse to help keep the manufacturing local. For those that can't make it out to see our product in person please check out our website that also has a complete list of our dealers as well. We also invite everyone to check out our videos that we have on Youtube and Instagram. For that all you will need to do is under the search bar just type in Shaw Armament Systems and you can see a wide variety of videos that we have.
Was on that side of town and fully intended to swing by. Then the time got away from me.

Congrats on the new addition and best of luck!
Being so close to Atlanta, you guys should get more active here! NFA has its own section here.

Maybe do some group buys or something since you guys have the ability to be the manufacturer and distribute straight to customers. Cutting out the middle man is always nice

Seems like you guys have a solid product just need to get more of it out!

Andy is a solid dude, talked to me for over an hour and answered all my questions!
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