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New Hornady 300blk Build Kits

Shaw Armament

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Nov 22, 2021
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Powder Springs, GA
I have a huge amount of bulk brass, bullets, and primers I am going to be listing. If there is anything you are looking for such as a certain brass, primer, or bullet just email me, I am out of large rifle primers but have all others.
I have 15 of these 300blk build kits, the kit consists of 200 new Hornady brass and 200 150gr Hornady SP bullets. Please email me at Joe.jones@shawarms.com with any questions or with how many you want.

$125 shipped per 200rds kit

*Everything is located in Powder Springs Georgia if anyone is close and would like to pick up I will discount the shipping.

FYI, We use to load SAS ammo in 2020-2022, we got out of the ammo loading business and still have all the components setting in our shop. everything has always been stored in our climate controlled building.


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