New Hunter, looking for places to go deer hunting.


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Sep 20, 2019
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Good evening folks, name is Corey and as the title suggests id like to find some place to go hunting and preferably someone to go with as well. I had a friend a few years back whom was going to teach me the ropes of hunting, do's and dont's and how to dress a deer but sadly he moved about 2 months after I had picked up most of my basic hunting gear and its just basically been sittin around collecting dust. If someone lives perhaps around the mcdonough/jackson area and would like to go hunting with me, id greatly appreciate it. Or perhaps know of some places I could go on my own. I know some parks do hunting, but honestly im not entirely sure how that all works. The few ive called seem to have waiting lists.....a year or two long...and I know there are clubs but the few ive also looked into for that are rather expensive. Now, please keep in mind ive done the hunter safety course, and have been keeping up with my liscense from year to year. Also, I have 6 years of law enforcement background and hold a conceal carry permit so im no stranger to gun safety and their use.

Frankly, I just want someone to go huntin with and help me get started and such. Im not lookin for trophy deer, just to put some meat in the freezer. Grew up on venison and just havent had any since. Short of that, then just someplace I may be able to go and figure it out on my own. I dont mind payin for gas, beer or corn. Thanks in advance yall, and have a good one and happy hunting!
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