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New Red Dot questions

Our "special" guys run Daniel defense with the vortex strike eagles. While deputies are using Vietnam m16 leftovers with irons.
Tell your deputies I’ll trade them a dd with a strike eagle for their crappy Vietnam leftover today. It’s an unselfish move on my part but I just worry about the safety of your townspeople.
You’re welcome
man, that policy seems ridiculous. But I have ran into some silly policy while I was in LE so I get it. A magnetic optic mount sounds like a terrible idea. We already see tons of factory mos screw guns shearing screws and losing optics. Maybe promote discussion with the training unit/armorers to discuss updating policy and send it up the chain of command?
To run a duty gun with a red dot it needs to be on some type of MOS system either factory or milled by a quality person/shop and then after a quality red dot(and holster) is adopted, the training needs to be implemented and a policy written. GPSTC offers a two day intro to red dot optic class with great instructors, you will shoot close to a 1k rounds in two days and there is no wasted time and every drill builds on the next drill. Here is a breakdown of what I personally observed from the class.
Everyone in the class was using something in a 9MM.
Holsters varied(our guys ran Safariland holsters).
All but one of the weapons used were Glocks in 17,19,45,47,and 34 models and one Staccato(T&E gun)
Most were also running a weapon mounted light system either Surefire or Streamlight.
Majority of the red dots used were Holosun along with two RMR's, two ACRO's, and one Leupold Deltapoint Pro
All guns were factory MOS guns.
One ACRO fell off during a drill(loose screws)and one Holosun stripped screws while tightening it down after it was found to be loose both issues were fixed by staff on sight and no more problems were encountered.
Zeroing the red dot went quickly and very few adjustments were made during class.
All in all this is a great class to attend if your agency is looking to go to a red dot optic.

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