Next ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 6, 2023 - Cobb County Civic Center

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Aug 16, 2020
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It's finally time to announce the next ODT Gun Show!

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May 6, 2023
ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet
Cobb County Civic Center
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Tickets and Tables/Booths will go on sale Monday, Feb. 6 at 9:00 AM. Here's a link to the ODT store:

We have a much better system in place for ticketing and table reservations so it should be much smoother than the last time. You'll be able to choose your actual table or booth right when you check out. Also tickets will be fully transferable so you can easily send them to someone else if you need to.

We are not doing any packages this time, just General Admission and then we'll have shirts, hats, etc. available at the show.

Pricing is higher this time around but still very reasonable in my opinion.
  • Admission - $10 per person, children under 18 are free. 2,000 tickets available.
  • Tables - $50, includes 1 admission and 1 chair. Limit 1 table per person/company. 98 tables available.
  • Booths - $150, includes 2 admissions and 2 chairs. Limit 1 booth per person/company. 26 booths available. (A booth is 3 tables at the end of a row.)
Rules are the same as last time: No concealed carry is permitted. All firearms must be unloaded and secured with zip-ties. Zip-ties are available at the door for no cost. Tickets are transferrable. Free admission for children under 18. No strollers allowed.

****No refunds within 30 days of event.

Vendor setup will be Friday 12:00-6:00 PM and Saturday 8:00-10:00AM

I am going to try and get a food truck to come out, most likely a taco truck. (The concession stand was a big miss last time.) Let me know if anyone has one they can recommend.

Layout will be similar to the ODT10 show, just with less bleachers and more tables. Here's the layout:

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There was a concession stand?
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