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ODT NFA tracker thread

That scares me..... I haven't got an approval email, so Monday I'm sending in the release forms to my congress woman! Luckily Shes pro 2A! So hopefully it'll go fast!
I did that for my first can. It took over 14 months. I don't know if my congressman made anything happen or if it was just timing. You're sitting at 6 months so the fact that you're at the stage of background check is pretty good in my book. It's not just sitting in someone's queue waiting to be looked at.
And another. I think this is the first time in a long time I have zero pending nfa applications.


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e-file form 4
Filed 8/21/2023
Dead Air Mask
Called atf today and was told it was approved back in November’23
No notification was sent to me or my ffl
Called my ffl and they confirmed they have the approval / stamp in their account and said they were never notified either.
Glad it was approved so fast but dammit man!
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