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May 7, 2018
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Gastonia NC
635 ac. Trophy Managed hunt club in Ramer Alabama with bordering properties also managed for trophies. Most of the current members reside in NC & SC. Dues per person are $ 1450 per year which breaks down as $ 1000 for lease, $ 50 power bill, $ 28.25 insurance, $ 143.75 food plots, $ 50 bush hog work, $ 50 Disc & plow work, $ 190 Protein & Minerals. We will only carry a total of 8 serious members. We do allow guest on property for $ 75 a day until Jan. 5th.

All bucks harvested are required to be mounted or $ 300 fine to the member or guest. Doe harvest is encouraged as well and we determine the number we would like to harvest each year. Gun season normally runs mid Nov. - Feb. 10 and the primary rut in Ramer Alabama is normally between Jan. 20th - Feb. 10.

4 tons of supplemental protein ( protein pellets & soybean ) put out on property last year with plans to increase to 5 tons this year.

Mandatory work days for food plots will be Friday Sept. 14, 2018 – Sunday Sept. 16, 2018. All members must be present or $ 200 fine imposed per rules.

All dues are required to be paid by July 1st.

Complete list of rules and any other information like pictures of harvest or even pictures from trail cameras the last few years will be provided to serious inquiries. Please contact Randy Watkins at 704-860-8914 or email meat jwatkins43@carolina.rr.com.


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Jul 2, 2010
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I-20 West of Atlanta
I can't join the club, I'm not near serious enough about hunting, but I do have a question about the soy beans. Are they just raw dried beans or have they been processed in some way? Just curious more than anything, I feed deer on my property and wondered about feeding them soybeans that I'm growing.
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