Please pray for a special family...


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Nov 5, 2012
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Monroe, GA
Earlier today I got word that a good friend of mine passed away yesterday evening. Him and his wife had become great friends to me and my wife over the last few years. We went on jeep rides in the mountains together, went to lunch/supper together, went to church together for Christmas eve, and shared laughs and good times together through it all. Me and him were over to 20 years apart in age but felt like we were friends from the same Era, some instances I would fit in with his Era and others he'd fit in with mine. Anyhow please say a pray for his family, this was really unexpected. Also please always check on your friends who might not be doing so well mentally or physically and don't ever be afraid to show emotions and let people know your struggles if they can help, or be the listening ear for someone in need of a friend to talk to.
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