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Police taser


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Sep 3, 2016
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Forest park
Item Name: Police taser

Item Description: Hi im looking for a police multi shot taser .
I need one for my work ( security guard in the night club industry)
hope to hear from you guys
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Axon does civilian sells/support. Check out the link below.

QRF in mcdonough sent out an email today with some type of taser in it. I deleted the email or I'd screen shot it.
I would think long and hard before I bought an X26 or X26P Taser. Axon/Taser stopped production and supporting the X26E in 2014 and rolled out the X26P as a replacement. Taser stopped production/support of the X26P in 2021. Both of those models had an operational life of about 5 years before they started to degrade or just stop working and required warranty work or replacement. The max warranty period you could buy was 5 years. That coverage period was not by accident, lol. The non-rechargeable battery was good for 500 discharges/spark tests. Most LE agencies require a daily spark test before going on duty so average battery life was about 3 years. A new battery runs about $200 if I recall correctly.

Your best bet in a used Taser is an X2. But I would seriously look at the Taser link I posted and consider a new X1….just saying.
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