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Prayers for Mom


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Dec 13, 2010
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Gwinnett, County GA
A four time cancer survivor. A mother of 4 adults and 8 grandchildren always a mom with life and love for life.

I have seen her battle for 25 years on and off. She is now down to 65 lbs at 85 years young many of those years were great fun times.

Seeing her almost daily for a very long time she has given up.
Morphine 4 times a day and tranquilizers pretty much tell me they are trying to ease any discomfort.

Lately she has been a different person. Snappy, negative, and lacking in faith. She told me last week that she would die the 22nd of next month. The same day her brother died 25 years ago...

I tried to make light of it but it has really been eating me up.

I pray for a Godly transition, her knowledge that she was a perfect mom with imperfect kids.

Pray for moms eternal peace brothers.

Dad got really testy and a bit mean to me when he was near death. I suppose it comes with the palliative drugs and knowing the end is near. Stay strong friend. Prayers for a restful end.
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