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Prayers for my son in law Mike .

Thanks for posting this.

He has had them for quite a few years. He has a surgical implant too. Takes alot of meds everyday too.
The meds suck , IMO . They make me feel lethargic most of the time. I don’t feel like doing crap ! I am not sure if it’s totally the meds or a combination of the meds and how i just feel now. Probably both. After you go through this , your feelings as far as daily gusto and just everyday feelings - change. Mine did.
Of course I am getting the ole’ reasons from the wife most of the time like “ It’s just you - you need a better outlook” etc., but I swear the meds aren’t no fun , I can tell . Lol. It’s not like I can just “will” these feelings away ! Lol. I wish I could ! I would love to get back to normal and reality again ! LOL. But it will be ok. It’s not anything I CANT deal with.
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