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Pro Hamas Aholes

I know it's bait, but what the Hell. I'll feed the troll. History lesson of you're willing to expand your mind beyond a meme. The IDF have huge balls, even the women. You may not like Arabs or Jews. But if you're supporting Hamas (Hezbollah, PLA, PLO), you're not basing your beliefs in facts. Your probably basing them on emotion, ignorance, antisemitism, or all of the above.

"British troops captured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire in 1917, and in 1922 the League of Nations awarded Britain an international mandate to administer Palestine during the post-war deal-making that redrew the map of the Middle East.
The award of the mandate also endorsed the 1917 Balfour Declaration, in which Britain expressed support for “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.
In 1948, exhausted by World War Two and the strain of holding warring Jewish and Arab forces apart, the British withdrew.

Good article as it discusses how the British limited Jews from traveling to the Palestinian Territory before, during and after WWII.

1947-48 Palestinian - Jewish Civil War after the British withdrew. Palestinian Arabs lost.

1948–49 war began when Israel declared itself an independent state following the United Nations’ partition of Palestine. Five Arab countries—Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria—attacked Israel. The conflict ended with Israel controlling all of the Negev up to the former Egypt-Palestine frontier, except for the Gaza Strip. Arabs lost.

1956 Suez Crisis began after Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. A French, British, and Israeli coalition attacked Egypt and occupied the canal zone but withdrew under international pressure. Draw.

1967 The Six-Day War began when, in response to Arab neighbors’ apparent mobilization for war, Israel attacked and destroyed Egypt’s and Syria’s air forces. Israel also defeated Jordanian attacks. The war ended with Israel in control of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. Arabs lost.

1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar (Yom Kipper). Fighting continued for several weeks. War ended with no change in territory controlled. You might call it a draw, but considering the forces aligned against Israel, I view it as an Israeli victory.

1982 Israel invaded Lebanon in order to expel the Palestine Liberation Organization from its bases there and withdrew in 1985.

2006 Hezbollah launched an operation against Israel and, over the ensuing month, fought Israeli forces to a standstill.

2023 Hamas led an attack against Israel, killing some 1,200 people and taking more than 240 others hostage.
This is no place for facts or common sense. The truth hurts the ignorant but in this case it’s expedient.
Was it 109 countries? Would that make people scum of the earth if they were outcast from 109 countries and territories? Would that justify their eradication?
These hamasses?
That’s all He is , in the quaran , a prophet. For me and mine He’s the only way to Glory. What all your blurry gestures (I use the word cause I don’t know what you’re talking about for the most part) have to do with the original post is beyond me. Knowing Jesus like I do, I know he’d never ascend into heaven laughing at all the other Prophets that came before him, as the quaran says Muhammad did. If Muhammad didn’t accept Jesus as his savior, he’s burning in hell as I type along with all the other virgin seeking idiots that perverted the Word. I don’t keep up with the tranny scene but I reckon they’re in the same shape as a pro hamass , but probably less cowardous.
Yeah. Odd that the totality of judiasm doesnt accept Jesus and the founder of "gender science" was also jewish.
And how'd it become a country again? Balfor decision? What banker was that? What war?

They conquered it. Once the British pulled out, the Palestinian Arabs and Jews fought a civil war. The Jews won. Israel fought numerous wars against Arab nations since. Won each time.

Kind of like the American Revolution. To the victor go the spoils. Show me you're ignorant of Middle Eastern history without telling me you're ignorant of Middle Eastern history.

I spent the better part of a year studying historical Arab - Israeli conflicts and relations.

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