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Protecting finish on rifles/pistols


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Jun 27, 2010
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In the past I had a small square (5"?) of sheepskin looking material (have no idea if it was actual sheepskin or what) that I would spray with a lube/protectant and wipe down guns before putting them in the safe. always worked well, but in my recent move and unpacking my gear, I can't find the pad or the protectant.

From what i've read online, seems that many recommend the Hornady One Shot lube/protector stuff (the One Shot reloading lube I don't like at all) or possibly the Birchwood/Casey Barricade and Hopper Spit for longer term storage of some of the collectibles. I'm guessing what I used in the past was an older version of the Barricade?

Not concerned with using it for cleaning, just a good protectant to cover the metal of the gun and not get sticky or messy.

Also any recommendations for pads or something to put it on (I suppose a basic microfiber cloth would work fine).. just noticed that Birchwood has a "rig rag" that's a section of sheepskin as well.
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