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Question about reloads

If the brass was flattened,then there loaded wrong, weather there seated too deep, or double charged..take them apart and start over, just use the powder for fun in the camp fire, or something other than reloading
Bought about 700 rds of these reloads decades ago at a gunshow. Shot 2 or 3 rounds out of a Tec9 and it blasted my face with burnt powder. Cases were ripped apart. Are these loaded too hot? Don't want to use them in my Glock if too hot. 115 grain bullets.View attachment 3281504
Take them apart and use the brass and bullet to make new rounds
At 700 rounds, you have 1/2 lb of Bullseye powder, and plenty of primed shells... A collet puller would make short work of them. Not sure I'd trust the powder, maybe reload a few with less powder and give them a try.
What are you looking for them?
Want do you want for them?
With 8.7% inflation in the last 1 1/2 years...
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