Rules for purchasing from a private seller at 20.


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Apr 14, 2022
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North West GA
I don't have access to ChatGPT, but I would be curious what it has to say about Georgia's reduced training requirements.

How did the new law "reduce" them, and what are they now?

I hit ChatGPT with:

"Was there ever a stipulation that an applicant for a Georgia WCL had to undergo firearm training?"

And the following was returned:

Yes, prior to the enactment of House Bill 218 in April 2021, applicants for a Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWCL) were required to complete a firearms safety course and a live-fire training course as part of their application. The training had to be conducted by a firearms instructor who was certified by the National Rifle Association, the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, or another similar organization.

However, House Bill 218 repealed the training requirement for GWCL applicants, effective July 1, 2021. As a result, individuals can now apply for and obtain a GWCL without completing any formal firearms training. It's important to note, however, that firearms training is still strongly recommended for anyone who plans to carry a firearm.

I do smile at the PSA at the end.

I think that for a while at least, we'll need to continue to consult attorneys and legal subject-matter experts before risking our liberty out on the streets.


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Aug 2, 2022
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forest park
I want to know if it is legal for a 20 year old to purchase a handgun from a private seller. I know that I will have to open carry the handgun until I get my conceal carry permit at 21.
yes you can purchase a handgun at age 18 and above from a private seller. sadly most people here have a fudd mentality and wont sell to anyone under 21. i was on the same boat as you, luckily i found someone willing to sell to me. i explained i owned decent rifles and not a psa 7inch 556. i told him i wanted the pistol because a class i wanted to take required both rifle/pistol. when we meet he wanted a bill of sale. i inspected the gun, sighed the bill of sale and paid him and i was on my way! im 20 to btw any other questions just ask


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May 19, 2010
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fudds cause they wont sell to someone under 21 thats some fat **** right there. they can sell to who the hell they want to and fudding aint got **** to do with it. Maybe they think someone under 21 is not mature enough to own a handgun


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Apr 4, 2011
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I don't think anyone under 21 can legally carry a handgun on their person. It can be in said persons vehicle but not in their buddy's ride unless you're transporting it to a range.

This is correct and an important distinction.

The catch is that while we have constitutional carry, you have to be "eligible" for a GWL, so that means 21, unless you are in the military.

That said, there are still circumstances where you can carry openly -hunting, fishing, at a range, on family land, business, home, auto.
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