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Sand point well


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Jan 19, 2012
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I've been thinking about installing a Sand point well in my backyard.

I understand the likelihood of me actually needing it is very low, however for $200 investment I feel it's worth the money for just in case.

I live in the Marietta area and was curious so did anyone installed one? How far down did you have to go? Any difficulties or lessons learned or things you would have done differently?

I've seen several videos on how to install them doesn't look particularly hard.

Thoughts would be appreciated.
Water just for garden/car washing? I think that type of well will only get you ground water and would need to be checked before drinking (if that's what you're looking for) I also think 30-35 feet depth would get you there. I live in a low area with a few springs and often thought about the same type of well for garden use. My problem is the bed of granite below me. 2 houses down when the basement was 'dug' they used some type of dynamite. If you do this it would be awesome to see some photos of it.
I bought a used smaller DIY drilling rig to dig my own water well in Fayetteville.

Long story short, I hit the same rock that makes up the base of Stone Mountain at less than 50 feet.

The big outfits have equipment that can punch through all that rock.
I'm about 400 ft as the crow flies from a small creek that is not always active. 600 ft as the crow flies From a small Creek that is active. I am 1.7 miles From the Chattahoochee as the crow flies.

I'm probably only willing to go about 20 to 35 ft max in depth.

I have no clue if I'm going to hit rocks or granite.

As far as uses for the water. Irrigation, watering, backup just in case. If I am able to get water, I will probably add an attachment for purification for human consumption just in case and have it test before.
I took the time to read up on the subject and is an interesting idea. I am very fortunate in that I have 2 wells on my property. One i had done in 1980 it’s a bored well 55’ deep and always had plenty of water the other one is next to my old property line, I bought a little more from the neighbor and it’s a drilled well 110 ft deep with water with in 25 ft of the top. I plan to also put pump in and run to my shop. I really hope this works for you
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