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SCAM artist tried to hijack ODT deal; !!! BE CAREFUL !!!


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Feb 19, 2013
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Yesterday I made a deal 🤝 with stainlineho stainlineho for his 9mm ammo. He's local to me and through PMs we set everything up without any issues. Some time over night, I get a random email to a Gmail account I use for odds and Ins.



This SCAMMER was circling around looking for people actively involved in deals and attempted to jump in mid stream to get their venom/cashapp juiced up.

First, they say they are communicating through text but they sent an email. Second, they used an incorrect name from the true buyer. Third, stainlineho stainlineho and I had already had ironed out all the details.

This jumping in MID STREAM is new to me on ODT but I'm hoping by bringing this to the attention of others it'll help someone from getting scammed by these ruthless cyber punks.

My advice; Use PMs so that it's documented through the site to firmly set up the transaction as dictated in the rules of the page and then get a cell number with name to communicate current arrival times on the day of the meet up and for communicating timely prudent info. Keep personal info OUT OF THE PUBLIC POST AIR.

Hope this helps someone!!!

P.S. We avoided the scammer and the deal was another ODT success!
Had a scammer a while back create a profile with my same picture and name , just slightly altered the name, and was PMing a guy who was actively messaging with me at the same time.

Even through PM here you gotta make sure you look at the account, no feedback and brand new join date is a dead giveaway.

I think they target the "want to buy ads"
Fellow members,
Lesson learned... An old post I put up had my email address in it. SCAMMER did their research and found my email, used it to leverage an angle to contact me and impersonate another member I was in the mix of a deal with.

The moral of the story, SCAMMERS CAN SUCK START A HARLEY and NEVER post in the open AIR;

Your phone
Your email address
Pretty much anything you deem the least bit personal...
I alerted a reputable user of a scammer on his post about two weeks ago. The post was responded to by what appeared to be the OP but the username had a dot at the end, same profile picture and all.

He reported it to the mods and thanked me for bringing it to his attention.

Scammers suck…
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