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Slander and false reviews


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Jul 6, 2010
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Dallas GA
I had an issue with a gentleman that had nothing to do with TruPrep. I was not representing TruPrep, and at the time he did not know that I worked for them.

He threatened to report ODT to the ATF for the gun dealings that go on here.

He threatened to report me to the ATF for selling my personal firearms without running them through TruPrep.

He made a comment that he wished that not all grunts had come back from wars.

He found out I worked for TruPrep, which is not difficult to do. I don’t hide it, and I’d have told him if he had asked.

He stated that he was going after the ODT, me, and TruPrep.

He began to prank call the business line of TruPrep.

He has never set foot in our shop, but he started making up bogus negative reviews and leaving them on platforms such as Yelp, Google, FaceBook, etc. He stated that he was also going to use his IG account, as well as his status as an up-and-coming “GunTuber” to ruin us.

Take online reviews with a grain of salt. Many folks without the intestinal fortitude to handle things correctly will use them to cause issues.

I tend to agree with the guy. I stopped in TruPrep one day with an upper I was having trouble with. The ripoff artist gunsmith there tried to charge me zero dollars to rebuild said upper to the point it ran flawlessly. He let me play with his dog and told me some funny stories while I waited a very short length of time. That upper STILL runs flawlessly.

Total BS. It’s about time someone called out that guy.

Jesus… I bet he’s a voter too.
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