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Snake bites?


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Sep 16, 2014
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Newnan, Georgia
Down by the creek with my two boys. I’m Turning from the water and walking towards my house with the 5yo. 3yo is maybe 10 feet ahead of me and turns around to say something. I look and realize the three year old is not near, not close to, but directly straddling a copperhead. I scream at him to freeze but he starts running towards me, snake takes a strike pose, and so did my walking stick. I hate to interfere with animals but I felt like it was a tombstone moment and the snake was waiting for my boy to make a move. Afterwards I dropped to my knees and thanked God for safety right then and there. Sucks, but so does losing a leg...it occurred to me that I have no idea how to treat snake bites. Are any of the “kits” out there worth the money? Or is it pretty much just call 911 and tourniquette? Any one ever been bitten by anything venomous?


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Good lord reading that gave me chills. Thank god he didn't get bit.

Not sure in anything other than a tourniquet to treat venomous snakes.

I am in for alternatives.
Thanks all. It was a heart wrenching moment. Then I’m sitting at the dinner table thinking about all that prep and situational awareness and carry strategy....only to have to fend off more animals than bad guys!
Keep the person very calm and get them to the hospital immediately also try to identify the snake and they will likely have the right Anti-Venom. As scary as copperheads are very unlikely to suffer LT damage from bite. There are no home remedies.
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