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Snip Snip

I'm telling you I was the exact same way. It was a running joke in our family to bring a baby to me because I would literally run in the other direction or threaten to drop kick it.

I always found babies disgusting, never wanted to hold them or even be in the same room with them. Would never hold them. Crying, whining, drooling, can't eat without making a mess, just absolutely disgusting. I'd much rather be playing call of duty or doing my own thing than be around such disgusting little tyrants.

I would never date a girl with little kids, just couldn't do it. The few times I did it lasted less than a month before I was outta there :lol:
When I met my girlfriend her daughter was 13 and extremely well behaved so it worked out. Even though now it breaks my heart I wasn't there for her her whole life.

I wasn't excited when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant, it was definitely an accident, she's was 34 and I was 39. Neither had a place large enough for four people to live, it flipped our world completely upside down.

I accepted it, I found joy in how happy her parents and my parents and all the people in our circle was about it. I figured I'd be a good dad because I go above and beyond raising my dogs :lol:

I found the motivation and means to buy a bigger house, bigger property, expand my means, become a provider. It's something I would have never been able to accomplish without the proper motivation. Especially in the insane housing market of 2023-2024. But God provides, he makes no mistakes.

Probably the most important thing though is I had already known for a fact this girl was the one. Our compatibility is off the charts.

But I had no idea how much I'd love this child, there's simply no way to explain it in words.

Not saying any of this to cast doubt on your decision though, I would have done the same thing at 35 if the opportunity arouse.

But if I could go back in time now, I would find my girl 5 years earlier so we could have one or two more.
I'm happy for you man! I've considered my mind might change later in life too, which is why I consider the option of adopting/fostering.
When my wife was getting ready to deliver our last child we agreed that if she had a natural birth that I would get snipped but if she had a C-section that she would have her tubes tied. As luck would have it, my son was a monster child. 11 lbs. coming out of a 5ft tall, 105 lb. woman. Needless to say it was not a natural birth. And since it's just me and her I've never needed to get clipped.
I believe you need to be an optimist to bring children into this **** show. I told Junior to get a couple of loads up in the freezer then get snipped and then not tell anybody. GLWSnipping
I had mine snipped about 20 years ago as an outpatient.

The modern non-invasive method was apparently developed by a Chinese pig-farmer.

Swab, lidocaine and about 10 minutes later, done and outta there. Best $75 copay I ever spent.

For a single guy, +1 on the "don't tell anybody". Bitches be crazy.
Now what's really fun and evil is to keep your surgery to yourself and mind **** chicks who:

A: Want to have kids (just keep tearing it up swearing you're doing your best)!

B: Loser bitches who tell you they're pregnant after you bang them once!
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Had it done in 94. On the way out of the lobby, the nurse said you need to bring a seamen sample back and handed me a cup. .this was a medical center. , so it was filled. So I asked her if it may have saliva in it, she was not amused.

The dr told me if I felt fine the next day I could go to work. Never asked what I did for a living. Flew mission the next night and when AC pressurized, so did my nuts!
Had to be carried off the jet. Swelled up so bad I could have put them in the passenger seat on the way home, morning wood, had to pee in the bathtub.

**** all that ****, still on antibiotics once a year ,sometimes a little get trapped in the tie off.
The best part was during prep…no one told me to shave my balls so the nurse dry shaved my sack while operating my crank like a stick shift. I was scared and aroused at the same time. Then the doc came in, played with it a little bit and said, “not bad!”

True story. I went and bragged to my wife about it. She was less than impressed with the story than I was.

I’ve been to a urologist twice in my life. They were both freaks. Don’t trust a dude that chooses to play with penises for his specialty. Second dude was creepy AF but that’s a whole ‘nother story.
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