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Supreme Court Overrules Chevron Doctrine and now The ATF is screwed along with all federal agency's.

All it does it greatly increase the probability of a case to be thrown out in a lower court OR decrease the probability of a case to be to be argued by more competent firms OR to be adequatly funded by activist funding.

That said, Activists, Activist barristers, Activist judges and Activist bureaucrats will always exist and will be pandering to the less informed in exchange for power, career and monetary increase.

For some reason Intelligent people never remember that "Half of the people are below average intelligence"
Your enthusiasm may be justified, but I think it's really hard to draw a even a modestly straight line to any one company's valuation, based on the Loper Bright decision. With the possible exceptions of small business fishing operations (like Loper) and law firms, who will undoubtedly see a windfall from the amount of reinvigorated litigation.

Court cases are like billiard shots: So many things can go wrong from the time you line up the shot, to the time the last ball stops rolling. There is going to be a long adjustment period in terms of unwinding some of the regs, and there will be cross-industry, cross-agency, and cross-judicial district shock waves.

I'd trust a Ouija board before taking even a skilled analyst's view in terms of what might happen in a given industry from the fallout of this. The unanticipated consequences could just as easily be lower barriers to entry and increased competition for any of the above companies.
Can't agree with u and here is why...

This is a game changer. Equilibrium will shift. Status quo will not remain the same.

I'm betting on companies that have a head start in AI

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