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Thank god for road construction on 285/400


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Feb 5, 2012
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About 2pm at work my stomach started feeling weird, 3pm I’am squirting brown Mississippi mud water out both ends. After awhile my digestive system decided to take a break, I thought I better go home before traffic got bad. Well my digestive system was playing tricks on me, driving down 400 south it hit, I had a choice, Poop my pants or if I could find a port a potty in all the road construction going on fast. I found one! Did a dukes of hazard 180 in 50mph traffic, and pulled right up in amongst the Mexicans working pouring concrete. They all looked at me like I was crazy, I jumped out and into the port a potty with .025 seconds to spare. 15 minutes later I came out and gave the Mexicans the thumps up and went home. I am so thankful they are taking their sweet time fixing 285/400!
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