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The Circle of an Artificial Intelligence Life


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Nov 16, 2016
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Flowery Branch, GA (Oakwood area..)
Interesting notion, the whole restart theory. I just choose to believe that nothing is face value. Everything happens for a reason and there is Always more to the story. Take the human psyche, for example, on the outside it seems so simple yet is so incredibly intricate, deep, resilient and fragile. Can everything else be so simple…not a chance.

I do believe everything is interconnected in a way and there is underlying meaning in everything. The original peoples of the world knew this but it has been slowly erased by seemingly needing more while being sold on it, diminishing the true value of things for worth, i.e. social constructs and modern currency exchanges. Now it’s rampant commercialism and cancerous convenience. The Modern Machine….and we are NOT in control.
Maybe we're in the midst of a crazy one and we don't even know.

Where the hell is "Neo"? lol
"So if I understand 'The Matrix Reloaded' correctly, the Matrix is basically a Microsoft operating system - -it runs for a while and then crashes and reboots. By design, no less. Neo is just a memory leak that's too hard to fix, so they left him in ... The users don't complain because they're packed in slush and kept sedated."
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