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The Yota rides again


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May 19, 2010
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I blew the head gasket in my 1994 Toyota 4wd 22RE back in December headed to the hunting club. I just got it back yesterday from the shop. $1610.00 later it drives like new. It must have been losing compression for awhile since I would have to drop it in 3 rd to get over the mountain in Pike county on hwy 19. The gradual lose of power over the last few years wasn’t noticeable but now its back to normal I didn’t have to drop gears yesterday. I bought this truck in 1994, my wife would ask if I was going to sell it every time we got a new vehicle. I joked that when someone paid me what I originally paid for it I would sell. Lol. I paid $14k new Now Im seeing folks asking that for them. I guess I’ll be buried in it. Love my yotas. Now to get my 4Runner back in tune too.


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