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This could be a global game changer. Bad Sci Fi come to life!

Read a book when I was in my teens titled Colossus. Was written in 1966 and had two sequels. In 1970, the original book was adapted to film in Colossus: The Forbin Project. "The first book and the film is about an advanced American defense system, named Colossus, becoming sentient. After being handed full control, Colossus' draconian logic expands on its original nuclear defense directives to assume total control of the world and end all warfare for the good of humankind, despite its creators' orders to stop." (From Wikipedia). It doesn't end well.


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Saw the movie as a kid. Freaked me out. Would love to see it again.

Eric Braeden. AKA Hans Gudagest from RAT PATROL fame. Also, Victor Newman from Young and the Restless.

I'm full of useless trivia...
Also one of the few products that effectively defeats facial recognition sortware.
My son is a Sr at a local high school, they finally have a program that can tell if AI wrote an essay. Panic has ensued at his high dollar private school now that they have to write their own.
They have AI that can detect AI ?

I think that’s a bluff
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