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update on 2024, 2500 HD


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Feb 1, 2011
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west of the city
I will definitely say it likes fuel much more than the piece of **** diesel that I was scared to death of!
Will make a few upgrades to increase miles per gallon.
tinted the front windows to match the back what is hell wrong with people why would you tent the back windows and not the front at the dealership come on General Motors
automatic step rails will come this week. Hopefully we’ll get them on.
Old mother****er, can’t climb in and out this thing!


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In some states it is illegal for some to have front tinted windows, while other darker skinned drivers get a pass on have them as well as their windshield tinted. With court costs, taxes and the original fine it works out to a $200 ticket. Plus you have to send in a vehicle “safety” statement certifying that you removed said tint from the offending windows, if you don’t comply you get more fines “taxes”
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