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*UPDATED* Bought an "estate" of reloading rifle and pistol bullets and brass


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Jul 6, 2010
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Dallas GA
Hornady.223 62Gr. FMJ Bullets320$20
Nosler22Cal. .224 40Gr. Spitzer Bullets1005401395106$8
Remington.22Cal. 50Gr. HP Bullets200$15
Berry'sNosler 50Gr. BT .223 Bullets604613$5
Hornady.224 55Gr. JHP Flat Base Bullets70/10022792$6
CCI-SPEER.243 Spitzer 6mm 80 Gr Bullets10012112 @ $15 each
CCI-SPEER6mm .243 80 Gr Spitzer Bullets190$10 / $12
Sierra6.5mm 130Gr. TMK Bullets60/10092763074305$10
CCI-SPEER270Cal. 130GR Boat Tail Bullets1001458$10
CCI-SPEER.270 130grn Grand Slam bullets79766830146585
Hornady270Cal. 150Gr. RN Interlock Bullets100902552274513 @ $15 each
HornadyCT 270 140Gr. HP Flat Base Bullets100/10090255309041$12
Sierra 270Cal. 130Gr. Spitzer BT Bullets1003 @ $15 each
Swift Bullet Company.270 130grn Scirocco53/100713351781305$5
Hornady270Cal. 130Gr. SP Interlock Bullets40/10090255227307$5
Hornady270Cal. 140Gr. SST Bullets40/10090255273526$5
Hornady270Cal. 140Gr. BTSP Bullets65/1002735$8
Hornady270Cal. 130Gr. Spire Point Bullets92/1002730$10
CCI-SPEER7mm 160Gr. .284 Spitzer Bullets90/1001635$10
CCI-SPEER7mm 130Gr. .284 Spitzer SP Bullets39/10076683016232$1
CCI-SPEER7mm 145grn Grand Slam bullets5076683016324$15
CCI-SPEER7mm 169grn Grand Slam bullets5076683016386$15
Hornady7mm 154Gr. SP Interlock Bullets80/10090255228394$20
Hornady7mm 139Gr. BTSP Interlock Bullets10090255228250$15
Hornady7mm 100Gr. Hollow Point Bullets71/1002800$5
Hornady7mm 139Gr. SP Bullets67/1002820$5
Hornady7mm 154Gr. SP Bullets1002830$10
Hornady7mm 175Gr. Spire Point Bullets80/1002850$5
Sierra7mm 168Gr. HPBT Match Bullets92/1001930$10
Sierra7mm 140Gr. Spitzer Bullets119/2001910$15
Sierra7mm 150Gr. Spitzer Boat Tail Bullets1009276301913$15
CCI-SPEER30 Cal. 130 Gr HP Bullets75/1002005$10
Hornady30Cal. 165Gr. BTSP Interlock Bullets100902552304514 @ $20 each
MidwayUSA30Cal. 150Gr. FN HC Bullets1004556285 @ $15 each
Winchester.308 147Gr. FMJ Bullets290$25
CCI-SPEER338Cal. 275Gr. Semi Spitzer Bullets20/1002411$1
Hornady338Cal. 250Gr. Round Nose Bullets370/4003330$15/$10
Hornady338Cal. 225Gr. SST Bullets68/10090255332025$12
Hornady338Cal. 200Gr. Spire Point Bullets80/1003310$10
Hornady338Cal. 225Gr. Spire Point Bullets70/1003320$10
MidwayUSA.338 230grn moly SP5027902412 @ $15 each
MidwayUSA338Cal. 185Gr. BSP Bullets1002077585 @ $15 each
Nosler338Cal. 250Gr. Spitzer Bullets40/5035644$10
Hornady35Cal. 200Gr. Spire Point Bullets98/1003510$15
Hornady35Cal. 180Gr. SP SS/PB Interlock Bullets100902552350503 @ $20 each
Hornady35Cal. 200Gr. SP Interlock Bullets100902552351046 @ $20 each
Hornady.375Cal. 300Gr. Round Nose Bullets5037205 @ $10 each
Hornady375Cal. 270Gr. RN Interlock Bullets20/5090255237153$5
Hornady375Cal. 300Gr. BTSP Bullets503725$10
Sierra375Cal. 300Gr. Spitzer Boat Tail Bullets703000$15
Speer / Midway USA9mm 125grn JSP100E121070W$20
MISC9mm 124Gr. FMJ Bullets250$18
CCI-SPEER.38 158grn JHP bullets1004211$15
CCI-SPEER38 Cal. 125 Gr JSP Bullets80/1004011$10
Hornady38Cal. 125Gr. .357 Flat Point Bullets260/3003573$10/$5
Sierra.38Cal. 250Gr. Lead Bullets46/50$1
Hornady44Cal. 240Gr. .430 FMJ Bullets1004427$15
Hornady44Cal. 180Gr. .430 HP Bullets99/1004405$15
MISCFederal .308 Mixed Brass?$5
MISC.338 WinMag Primed Brass58$8 ea
when it says 40/100 is that 40 bullets left out of a box of 100 or one box of 40 and one box of 100?
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