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Updated Demo Silencers and Free Single Shot Trust offer

Sole Oak Supply

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Jun 28, 2022
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Fayetteville, Ga
I am an SOT in Fayetteville, Ga and the cans would need to be picked up at my office, or I can Form 3 them to your local dealer. There may be some light handling marks on the demo cans.

YHM R9 Demo 2-3 range trips only been used with 300 blk under 50 rounds Sold

CGS Mod 9SK in good condition, Sold

-Otter Creek Hydrogen K 308 (one of my Favorites) 3 or 4 range trips under 40 rounds. $675.00

-Diligent Defense Enticer S, One Range trip under 10 rounds, Sold

We can order almost any gun or silencer you are looking for. Email me for the best price. With the current market conditions, the availability of silencers is very low and sometimes cans sell out before we can communicate. So we have two new programs to help you find the silencer you’re looking for.

1. If the silencer you want becomes available, and you buy it directly thru Silencer Shop and select Sole Oak Supply as the dealer we will cover the single shot trust for you. Using the link below will automatically select us as the dealer.

2. You let us know the silencer you want to purchase and pay a $50 deposit. Once your desired silencer becomes available we will order it, and then reach out for payment and to start the paperwork. Deposit is refundable under certain conditions, please reach out if you’re interested for more info. This program is designed so we can act as quickly as possible once they become available.

Also if you haven't tried a Suppressed 22 pistol you are Missing out. I have a TX 22 combo shown, and that is one of my favorite things to shoot. If you are interested, I can put you a combo together with any 22 silencer, the OSS Rad 22 is quickly becoming my favorite 22can.

All paperwork will be processed thru Silencer Shop, no additional transfer fees. Prices above do not include sales tax, tax stamp, or trust.

All NFA rules apply

I can accept credit cards, instead of charging for Credit Cards I am just going to add a few dollars to the Tax stamp since it is a pass thru item.

Tax Stamp $205.00 Cash $215.00Card

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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