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Way way to early 2023 college football predictions


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May 14, 2016
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Last year I picked Bama and Ohio State to be 1&2. With Georgia being 3rd. I was wrong. Hendon Hooker is still throwing TDs to Jalin Hyatt against that Bama secondary. Ohio State was very close to winning it all. Dawgs on top.

For 2023 my picks are Georgia to go 15-0 again beating LSU in Atlanta and in the title game. Brian Kelly showed me something this year. When he has comparable talent he is a top 4 or 5 coach in the country. Caleb Williams of USC will win the Heisman again. Michigan will beat Ohio State again if Harbaugh stays in Ann Arbor. However they choke again in the CFP. Teams to watch out for. Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Oregon.


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Jimbo Fischer continues to run A&M into the ground, hiring Bobby Petrino is all the proof you need.
Ga Tech will not be competitive in football this decade
Oregon lost to TCU for heaven's sake

The next 2-3 years is all about LSU, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee

The team to watch for in the next 3 to 4 years is Auburn. Hugh Freeze knows how to win and the cycle for top teams waning, and mid teams waxing is just about right for Freeze/Auburn. LSU is probably 2 years from being serious contenders for the national championship, but they will get there. Flordia will come back around too, as soon as they stop hiring idiots..

In 2 years the 12 team playoff will hurt the big ten/12, Pac 12, and ACC because they will actually have to play their way into the final 4 facing teams that are hardened by real competition within their conference. They will long for the "Beauty Contest Days" when going undefeated in your lesser conference was enough to get you to the final 4.
Well, they'd kind of have to be.
With that schedule, UGA will skate to the SECCG.
Who they will play is anyone's pure guess.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is not a least a realignment of the East/West SEC conferences to even out the competition once Texas and Oklahoma come over.

I read somewhere there is already talk NCAA wide of doing away with split conferences and conference championships all together and declaring a number 1 and 2 within the conference based on record. That way every conference sends 2 to the playoffs and the CFP then picks the additional 2 to round out the 12 teams.
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