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What is this firearm?


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Apr 21, 2022
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Henry County
I have no idea where to actually post this... but...

What is this thing? I was given this years ago by my god father and he didn't know exactly what it was and I have searched the internet as well.

In my searches I have found stuff from the late 1600's and early 1700's that looks close but I dont know.

Markings look close to some French markings I have come across on the internet.

The markings on the top of the barrel have not helped me much. Hopefully we have someone here that may know.


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It appears that the crown over V mark is a “view mark” from the London Proofing House where they test a raw barrel before further finish work is done on a civilian gun. Some German barrels made before 1891 also display that proof mark.

I have no idea where to actually post this... but...

What is this thing?
It very much looks like a British 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service. But it is missing the Tower and Crown proof marks on the lock plate. Can you get a better picture of just the lock plate? Here's another example.


Thanks....even with severe wear, I don't see how you can get a crown proof out of that. I'll keep digging tomorrow.
After some more looking, I'm leaning towards this being a reproduction or a fake. It looks too much like a British 1801 sea service for it to be a coincidence. And even the East Indian versions of it have an easily identifiable tiger on the lock plate. Also, the ram rod is...weird. It looks like a chopstick and has no brass on it. A correct ram rod would have a brass cap.

I'm certainly no expert and as such, my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it.
I'm leaning towards 1801 Sea Sevice as well, even looks like there is a screw hole for where the belt clip was supposed to attach.
There is/was definitely something on that lockplate, and what's left looks pretty 'straight'.
Interesting piece.
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