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What's going on the smoker/grill today?

Melt in yo mouth carrot cake! The best I’ve had!
Yes sir, that's the best part of it, ain't it sir. Enjoying a piece of it with a cup of coffee now.
if I had seen that pound cake picture sooner I might have shown up on easter to make sure none went to waste! my great grandmother used to make pound cake for me and it is still my favorite cake ever.
First brisket I've done on the imperial kamado. Mesquite charcoal with jealous devil bourbon barrel pieces. Pic is about 6hrs in. I always forget to take pics before I wrap and when I cut. Came out pretty good. I had to add more coals and the temp ran a bit at the end. It barked the point past my liking. I'm only going to use the Mesquite now that jealous devil is making smaller bags. Mexican market up the road sells the Mesquite for $1 lbs. Great flavor. Cooks awesome hot.


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Did 8# of pork tenderloin and some corn for supper. Had my sons, DIL, grandsons, DIL parents, and us. 4 hrs at 230 with just salt and pepper turns out great every time. No pics because I was working to get everything ready at the same time with little ones running around my legs.
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