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What's your comfort food?

Not sure I ever had anything that matched what people mean by comfort food. My favorite rare indulgence goes like this: make a pot of chili on Friday, put it in the fridge, reheat it on Saturday just before kickoff of whatever game I plan to watch. Nothing like sitting on my butt, eating chili on a cool autumn day and watching a football game.
That's as good as any right there
For a snack I love Chili Cheese Fritos. Recently I found Franks Red Hot Goldfish and have been enjoying those. Last year they came out with Old Bay Goldfish. Limited edition so they flew off the website and I couldn't find them in any store. They're back again but none of the stores down here carry them. My brother and his girlfriend found them at Publix in Bethlehem and brought me a few bags. If you see them I highly recommend giving them a try. For comfort food I love biscuits with sausage gravy. And if you haven't tried it, sausage gravy on grits is out of this world.
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