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Where’s The Beef?

The cheese bigger than the burger is why it's called a cheeseburger.
If the beef patty is largest componenet it's a burger w/cheese.
Wallymart has their brand of Bubba burgers for about $7.
Or you can get the precooked all Angus beef patties from frozen dept.
Buy some real cheese and Marti's sesame seeded big hamburger buns.
Toast the buns while Angus patty reheats. Bubba take a little longer to cook
but worth the wait. Melt cheese on bun or on the burger your choice.
From home a Lot better burger than fast food chains plus you'll know when
last time cook washed their hands or cleaned the counter. Might even take
the same or less time than their drive-thru.
While our running errands today my wife picked up a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Take a look at what’s supposed to be a beef patty. Aside from looking disgusting, this thing is half the size of the piece of cheese. C’mon McDonald’s, I know you’re not known for quality but this is ridiculous. Garbage I tell ya.
I don’t know what that is but it ant no hamburger haha. I’ll never eat at McDonald’s NEVER, back in the 60s they were alright now NOPE.
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